Self- Defense Class another Success!

From ABWA Members
From ABWA Members
Self Defense Class 2: In Loving Memory of Lisa Young
Hosted by ABWA and Blacksburg Police ( In full sparring gear)
Recently Held at Blacksburg Rec.


From ABWA Members

“Community Woman of the Year” is Suzanne Barnette (on left)
She is the
Administrative Director of Medical Education at Montgomery Regional Hospital
Has received high awards and worked on major projects
“ engaging, charismatic, humorus, professional, and well- prepared”
“ when she talked about her experience of the VT shootings, it was compelling. I felt her compassion, anxiety, frustrations as if I was there with her. It goes to show you how one person can have an impact during a tragedy and how one person can help a community.”

“Chapter Woman of the Year” is Nancy Creed
She is the
Director of Sales here at the Hilton Garden Inn
Had a pink cadillac with Mary Kay
Highly involved w volunteer work here in the community
Has been a leader in ABWA and BNI chapters
Started several successful businesses
“has been an asset to our group with networking, growth of membership, donated time, and creative ideas”
“ Nancy is always involved with something at the beginning, sets her goals, and drives until she gets results. She is a team player, professional, and always willing to chip in.”
Past ABWA president 2008
Future ABWA president of 2010/11

Know who to contact in the group

It is important to understand the ABWA leadership positions and their roles.
Many times we have people contacting the wrong member. Please try to learn the roles and how they may assist you in your ABWA needs. For example, our VP of Finance is in charge of all club money including local dues and lunches. But, when first applying for membership, your check gets processed through membership( Christine) to be processed to National Headquarters.

How to post a recipe???

Many of you are interested in posting your own recipes and have asked me how to do this. What you need to do is go to the most current recipe on top and hit the comments button right below the recipe. You then type in your recipe like a comment. When you submit somment it may ask you for a few items but it is information to make sure you are ok to post.

When you want to look at recipes, go to the different recipes listed on the blog and click on comments to see if someone has listed another recipe.